2018 Europe Far East Vladivostok
09.07.2018 – 26.08.2018

The entire trip 2018 Vienna – Vladivostok (Pacific) – Amsterdam (Atlantic) – Vienna were approx. 26,000 km.
In August 2018, Owe Schattauer, Robert Kirchner and Max Bachmann flew from Germany to Vladivostok
then with his Austrian, Russian and German peace friends 10,000 km by car,
the longest road in the world to go to Moscow. Max Bachmann drove to Irkuts.
From the Far Eastern Pacific, through the whole of Siberia to the Urals for peace and friendship of nations.
A detailed travelreport with videos and pictures by Ernest Hollerer more…

Impressions of the journey
Introducing the ride Interview with Owe Schattauer