2017 Tour Golden Ring

Berlin – Szczecin – Kaliningrad – Riga – Pskov – Tver – Sergiyev Posad – Yaroslavl – Kostroma –
Ivanovo – Vladimir – Moscow – Smolensk – Minsk – Brest – Warsaw – Berlin = ca. 4,600 km.

Farewell in Berlin, ca. 350 people drive in approx. 140 vehicles to Russia!
Video Druzhba Friendship Ride Russia 2017 – The Start of Berlin (23.07.2017)
Guide vehicle Golden Ring. With police escort we leave Berlin, towards Szczecin
Arrival in Kaliningrad – we are received by the Night Wolves.
Video Druzhba Friendship Tour Russia 2017 – The journey from Berlin to Kaliningrad (24.07.2017)
Emanuel Kant Monument Kaliningrad German military cemetery.
Arrival in Pskov. Musical welcome.
Invitation to the village of Utargosch, celebration with the whole village until late at night.
Arrival in Tver. Meal in historic walls.
Sergiyev Posad
Visit to an engine plant in Yaroslavl. Blue sky, as always in Russia.
Impressions from Kostroma.
We continue to Ivanovo. Welcome!
Visit to an administrative academy in Vladimir. Private lyre in Rodnoje
A country estate in Rodnoje. Breakfast outdoors in the village square Rodnoje.
Visiting John. Philosophical conversations about cheese by Reinhold with John.
Moscow view of the Kremlin. The famous St. Basil’s Cathedral.
We were not in moscow in the opera, we went subway.
Arrival in Smolensk. International understanding in Smolensk.
Video Druzhba Friendship Tour Russia 2017 – Moscow – Minsk – Berlin (10.08 – 13.08.2017)
Impressions from Minsk.
From Minsk to Warsaw. Belarus and Poland border crossing.
Arrival and gathering in Berlin for a joint trip to the Brandenburg Gate. Completion of the 2017 Druschba in Berlin.