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In 2020 trip to Baikal

The trip takes place in July, approx. 2 weeks. The costs amount to approx. 2,500€ per person.
Outward journey by the airplane, return journey to Moscow by the train. In Moscow the participation in the action “Bread and Salt” is planned.
Responsibility for this tour: Bernadette and Andre Giebelhäuser
Contact under: Phone: 03591 / 602020

Baikal lies embedded between mountains in south Siberia in Russia. It is the second volume-biggest lake of the earth, after the Caspian Sea. Indeed, Baikal is the volume-biggest freshwater lake of the earth. At least, approx. 330 rivers flow into the Baikal. With a depth up to approx. 1640 m, by the way, the deepest lake of the earth, contains he 20 percent of the worldwide freshwater contingent. With his magnitude of approx. 650-km length and approx. 78-km width he belongs with to the biggest lakes of our earth and grows yearly about other 2 cm. It is certainly the only lake whose water still owns drinking water quality. With an age of more than 25 million years the oldest lake is of the Baikal also in the geologic history of the earth. Baikal has the cleanest and clearest water of all lakes of our earth. The Baikal is a lake of the superlatives.
Quelle https://www.der-baikalsee.de/

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