The organisation of the trip 2020 is taken over by the non-profit Friends’ Association for the Conscious Handling of
Man and Environment e. V. called “Förderverein Mensch und Umwelt e.V.”

Support us with your donation
Förderverein Mensch und Umwelt e. V.
IBAN:     DE80 6746 0041 0043 9057 08
Purpose: Druzhba
Thank you very much.

The donations are used for promotional material (banners, flags, flyers, car labeling, etc.)
and favors (fridge magnets, lanyards, pin hearts, druzhba honey, etc.).

Excerpt from the articles of association:

…. to cultivate international cooperation and thus to contribute to international understanding…

The donations are tax deductible; from a donation higher than 200 Euro you will receive a donation receipt.

100% of the donations go to the Druzhba tours and to the support of participants,
who could not afford the trip financially without donations.

You can read the current articles of association here
The current exemption of the tax office can be found here