Bread and Salt 2020

“Bread and Salt” for peace on the 18th. – 19. July 2020 in Moscow

In 2020, we want to bake bread for peace with an NVA field bakery and share it with the people in Moscow.
Our goal: In 2020, the various tours will meet in Moscow during their trips and together we will perform the baking campaign.
All people interested in peace and friendship with Russia, really everyone is invited do come to Moscow (by car, bus, Train or plane) and join the initiative.
For the action to have a big impact, everyone should wear a Druzhba T-shirt and of course we will distribute flyers again.

The Beginning of a Friendship
According to tradition, guests are welcomed by ladies in traditional costumes with a large round bread on a towel with a salt bowl on top. The guest should carefully break off a piece of bread, dip it in the salt and eat – it signals an incipienting friendship between the two parties. An ancient wisdom is that even the worst enemies can reconcile if they share bread and salt.
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