2018 Tour Black Sea – Volga 22.07.2018 – 12.08.2018

Berlin, Ostr w Mazowiecka (Poland), Rezekne, (Latvia), Smolensk, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Volgodonsk,
Volgograd, Saratov, Samara, Kazan, N. Novgorod, Moscow, Velikye Luki, Utena (Lithuania), Lodz (Poland), Berlin

22.07.2018 The group is ready to start…….

…… the cars too.

Arrival in Poland.

23.07.2018 Continue to Lithuania.

Once across Lithuania.

Arrival in Latvia.

A rainbow greets us.

Stylish overnight stay in Rezekne.

Delicious dinner.

24.07.2018 continues to the Russian border.

You can’t secure that much to external borders.

Forms, not an end.

Finally in Russia.

Coffee break until everyone is through the border.

SIM cards, money change that takes time.

Late arrival at the hotel in Smolensk.

25.07.2018 on the way to Voronezh.

Chemtrail search image.

Not painted, landscape in real.

26.07.2018 before the trip to Rostov a.D. we need provisions.

So close is Donetzk 28 km.

VW test track.

27.07.2018 Smijovskaya Balka Memorial.

In the background the old granary of Rostov a. D.


Founding point of Rostov a. D.

Exhibition at Gazprom and meet with press and NGOs.

Swap porcelain plate for signed druzhba flag.

Visit to the Natural History Museum.

Visit to the Natural History Museum.

28-29.07.2018 three participants travel to Crimea.

Arrival in Kerch.

A bridge for the railway is being built.

Along the coast back to the group.

28-29.07.2018 the group continues to the Black Sea.

Arrival at the Black Sea.

Water taxi to the sea.

Water taxi to the sea.

International understanding with Kazakhs.

Dolmen by the sea.

30.07.2018 Visit to the Schetinin School,

the children built and painted everything themselves.

Continue to Volgodonsk.

Volgodonsk welcomes us with a beautiful sunset.

31.07.2018 Market in Volgodonsk.

Lock at the Volga – Don – Canal.

Wide Russia.

Arrival in Volgograd (Stalingrad).

Panorama Museum in Volgograd (the Battle of Stalingrad).

Panorama Museum in Volgograd (the Battle of Stalingrad).

Visit to the Mameyev Hill

and the Mother’s Home Statue.

What a sight – the great warrior

with the peace dove in your hand!

Flowers laying on the eternal flame.

Visit to the German military cemetery.

These lines say it all………………..

These lines say it all………………..

Names of approx. 110,000 missing……………….

02.08.2018 Continue to Saratov.

Entry in the guestbook Goethe-Institut Saratow.

Interview with Russia 1.

Our charmer with 83 lenzen distributes flyers.

Evening view over Saratov.

03.08.2018 From Saratov, via Engels we drive to Marks.

Arrival in Samara.

Skyline of Samara.

04.08.2018 Visit to the Waldorf School.

And another interview.

The signed Druzhba flag…..

……. will be handed over cordially.

In the Rockets Museum of Samara.

All a bit big / Big here.

City tour in Samara.

City tour in Samara.

05.08.2018 Continue to Kazan, amazing Russian charging technology.

Evening visit to the Kremlin of Kazan, with Mosque

and the leaning tower……………………..

….. orthodox Church.

Kazan skyline.

06.08.2018 Drive to N. Novgorod.

06.08.2018 Drive to N. Novgorod.

Lukoil, nose to and through.

Photo Museum in N. Novgorod.

And another interview.

Official handover of flags.

City tour in N. Novgorod.

For the workers there is a cable car over the river, saving an hour.

07.08.2018 Drive to Moscow, the signs are very serious to take.

Stop at John’s cheese factory.

After an opulent meal …

… John also gets a flag.

Entrance Moscow – hardly any traffic.

Red Square at night.

Gym at night.

08.08.2018 The beautiful Basil Cathedral.

View of the Kremlin.

Off to the underworld.

Not in the opera

no in the Moscow subway.

09.08.2018 From Moscow to Velikylu Luki.

09.08.2018 From Moscow to Velikylu Luki.

Arrival in Velikylu Luki.

Drive to the dacha of Tatyana.

Tatjana greets us with sweet bread and salt.

We hand over favors.

10.08.2018 We have to leave Russia again.

Welcome to Latvia.

11.08.2018 We arrive in the dreary Poland.

Impressions of Lodz.

12.08.2018 Chemtrails Search image No… in Lodz Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Do we really want to come back here?

Car flag before and after the trip.

13.08.2018 It goes home. the time passed far too quickly.

It was only a small journey through Russia, (11.500 km.)