2020 The Druzhba Promotions and Tours

On 09. May 2020, end of the “Great Patriotic War”,
we are on site in Berlin for the 75th anniversary celebration
Friendship Ride Druzhba Pskow Moscow Volga  10.07. – 02.08.2020
(We will actively support the Bread and Salt Action in Moscow.)
Bread and salt for peace on the 18th And 19. July 2020 in Moscow
In 2020 we want to bake bread for peace with this NVA field bakery.
The different tours 2020 meet in Moscow and together they are baked.
Anyone who can support us or contacts in Moscow has info@druschba-global.org

The beginning of a friendship

According to tradition, guests are greeted by ladies in traditional costumes with a large round bread on a towel with a salt barrel on top. The guest should carefully break off a piece of bread, dip it in the salt and eat – it signals an incipienting friendship between the two parties. An ancient wisdom is that even the worst enemies can reconcile if they share bread and salt.
(Source https://de.rbth.com/lifestyle/80589-russland-traditionen-brot-und-salz )


2020 5. Utorgosher Peace Festival
We have planned the Peace Festival for July.
Responsible for this tour: Andreas on 0160 4356432
and Ms. Olga Smokotova on +7 911 709 0660

2020 Tour Crimea
We are looking forward to the BIKESHOW of the NIGHTWÖLFE in August 2020 in Sevastopol in Crimea!!!
Travel date August
Responsibility for this tour: Hana Höhne Tel. 0160/2004352.